Quirky inventor Ryan Pendleton, creator of the super savvy personal dashboard known as the Nimbus, is the perfect person to help you avoid failed presents this holiday season. Quirky enables Ryan and his fellow inventors to take abstract ideas and create seriously cool products (and ideal presents) by capitalizing on the creativity that exists in a community. Ryan shared some of his favorite gift-worthy products that have emerged from the Quirky inventor community to help you earn the coveted “best present” award this holiday season. Hopefully this will make up for all the times your loved ones seemed more excited by the gift receipt than the gift itself.

The Story Behind the Nimbus

The Nimbus was born of Ryan’s search for a clock that combined the convenience of virtual information with the satisfaction of sleek design. “I wanted an alarm clock that could look at my calendar and set itself.” Unfortunately, he hadn’t invented it yet. While we rely on cloud and app technology, Ryan realized that “having a physical representation,” of that information is also valuable. Quirky was the ideal venue to guide Ryan through the process of incorporating these ideas into one product — the Nimbus.

Turns out, Ryan wasn’t alone in his desire for a product that married virtual information with design. While apps have made our lives more organized and information more accessible, Ryan knew people would still like the idea of having a physical object display the information that matters to them: schedules, weather, traffic, sports, etc. "It's so simple, but potentially makes a huge impact on daily workflows. If you live in a world where everything is ‘app enabled,’ this device will get the ball rolling on your day.”

Ryan's Gift Recommendations

The Nimbus is the perfect gift for the people in your life who need to feel connected from the moment they wake up. We asked Ryan about some of his other favorite Quirky products that will impress even the toughest person on your holiday shopping list. Feel free to give him credit for your uncharacteristically clever gift-giving.


Quirky Space Bar


The Space Bar is the perfect clutter-minimizing gift for all the neat and tidy people on your list (they'll definitely appreciate the additional USB ports).

Ryan: “It’s a great addition to a nice desk setup. It adds some much needed USB ports and some space to organize your desk.”


Quirky Converge


Converge, a docking station built to display your gadgets as they charge, keeps electronics accessible and wires out of sight.

Ryan: “Most people have a few gadgets, with no convenient or central place to recharge them.”


Quirky Mocubo


Mocubo is the cutting board upgrade that should have happened a long time ago. Anyone who spends time in the kitchen will appreciate the three food-prep containers hidden under the chopping surface.

Ryan: “It’s super functional and a beautiful addition to any kitchen.”

Feeling inspired to break out of your boring holiday shopping rut, and become the gifting wizard you’ve always aspired to be? Quirky products make for perfect gifts, sure to put you in good standing with family and friends for at least a month or two (until you forget their birthday).


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